About CBG

Welcome to the Chiropractors Buying Group Inc. Web Site. CBG is the only buying group in Chiropractic that sets the standard for lowering costs for the Chiropractor, while providing the best products and services available in the profession. As the leading Buying Group in Chiropractic, we are proud to serve Chiropractors and their offices. Our mission is to provide industry-leading buying solutions that assist our members in improving and sustaining their performance while lowering their costs in the process. It is our goal and intention to bring Chiropractors the best products, latest technology, lowest prices, and greater choices when purchasing products for the Chiropractic office.

Through buying power and our growing membership, CBG has developed unique strategies to empower suppliers and vendors to lower their costs, add valued services, and save our members dollars while buying the best products available to the Chiropractic Profession. Proving the saying “Strength comes with numbers,” CBG has multiplied its strength along with value to give a new definition to Group Purchasing Power.

Value and Integrity. That is what CBG brings to thousands of Chiropractors it serves. Our Value is built on competitive pricing and cost containment, anchored by our member-focused service, always providing Value beyond Price and innovation that keeps our Chiropractic members at the forefront of the evolving health care marketplace.

Integrity. As the leading Buying Group in the Chiropractic Profession, CBG represents the purchasing interests of thousands of Chiropractors. The profession is growing every year, and with more and more of the public seeking Chiropractic, CBG is committed to Integrity while using its member purchasing power and strength to get the most competitive prices from its Vendors.

From its beginning, CBG has been strategically positioned as a cost reduction leader. Rather than focus solely on the price of a product, CBG will always look to provide added value to a product by seeking ways to reduce costs to our members and those that serve them.