Success Stories

Dr. Paul Reed

“CBG and all of its team have provided Nordstrom like service for my office. I will continue to use them…”
-Dr. Paul Reed Vancouver, WA

Dr. Rod Dahlinger

“Quick and easy to order, CBG has saved me over $1500.00 this year…the only way to go!”
-Dr. Rod Dahlinger Monroe, WA

Dr. Scott Moon

“CBG has saved me over $2,000.00 on products this year alone!”
-Dr. Scott Moon Kingman, AZ

Ramona Anderson

“As a State Association, we are constantly striving to offer our membership quality, value-added programs and our members are currently benefiting from the CBG savings.”
-Ramona Anderson, Director of Membership & Marketing
Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association

Barbara Contessa

“We recently saved well over $1000.00 on just one purchase using our CBG membership.”
-Barbara Contessa, Executive Director
New York Chiropractic Council

Dr. Svein Benestad

“Our office has been affiliated with CBG for the past year, great service, and significant savings on products…”
-Dr. Svein Benestad Farmington, MI

Dr. Charles Quigless

“CBG saved me a lot of money on my table! Service was excellent…”
-Dr. Charles Quigless Olivette, MO

Dr. Heather Cutlip

“About 2 months ago we received a fax for your CBG business. As with all opportunities that sound too good to be true, we put it on the backburner. Finally, something prompted me to give it a try. Really, with the first year of membership free, I had nothing to lose. Your company was extremely helpful in getting our office set up and teaching us how our new buying strategy would work. Boy was it worth it! Once we made the change – ordering our supplies has been just as easy as before and is saving us a fortune! Our first order of X-Ray film saved us the cost of one years membership – Thank you for helping chiropractors keep overhead down!”
– Dr. Heather Cutlip PA

Dr. S.M.

“Since joining CBG, I have saved more money than I ever imagined. The purchasing power of this group is amazing. My overhead is going down while more money is being put into my pocket. Thanks CBG, for looking out after me and my business.”
– Dr. S.M. AZ

Dr. T. G.

“CBG has shown me that Chiropractors are not the “little people” anymore, and that we as a group hold a lot of buying power. I was tired of paying retail for my supplies, and was looking for a way to change that. CBG appeared and my prayers were answered! If you are still buying retail, get on the CBG train and start saving your hard earned money. I am a member for life!”
– Dr. T. G. OR

Dr. G. N.

“I was really getting tired of the feeling that everyone was taking dollars out of my pocket with no way to negotiate discounted prices for products my office uses. I knew it would take too much time with too little savings to search the Internet for discounts on products I was already buying. Then I came across CBG, and learned about the world of Buying Groups. Since becoming a member, CBG has gotten me prices that are up to 50% off the same products I have bought for years at full price. What a savings! I never have to think about whether I want to spend the money on products that are in CBG. The savings I get make it fun buying again!”
– Dr. G. N. CA