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Basic Requirements

Product Information Submission Form
CBG is pleased to consider your product/product line for distribution.
However, before starting the product submission process, the following are required for our distribution:

  • Terms: 2% 10 Net 30
  • Make us aware of the advantages of your products
  • Lowest distributor price
  • List in excel of case pack dimensions/weight, case pack quantities, unit dimensions/weight, and UPC’s
  • Couponing
  • Co-op allowance
  • Return/exchange options
  • Sampling promo/bonus packs/displays

After you have read and agreed to the requirements above, please complete the product information sheet and follow the instructions for submission.


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Agreement to Terms

If this form is not signed and returned with your product submission, your line will not be reviewed.

Terms of 2% 10 net 30 days* YesNo

Pricing F.O.B. Troy, MI* YesNo

All products have UPC barcodes/full dating* YesNo

Enclosed distributor price list* YesNo

List in excel as required product dimensions, weight & pack* YesNo

Upload your distributor price list*

Authorized Signature*


Once we have obtained all the required materials, you will be notified of our decision as to whether or not your product will be picked up by CBG for distribution. Please wait to hear from us. CBG receives new submissions on a daily basis, and it takes time to look through all the information and give careful consideration to each product.

Please submit two non-refundable samples with this completed form to:
1099 Rochester Road • Troy, MI 48083