Backpack Safety America

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The world’s first comprehensive education program created exclusively to promote safe and proper backpack use among school-age children everywhere. Participating doctors on several continents have become the experts in their local communities on this particularly hot issue as parents and school administrators alike welcome them into schools. Using this complete system equipped with tools, checklists, scripts and letters, you have everything you need to welcome entire new families into your practice. Why reinvent the wheel when you can simply roll it?

In addition, Pete the Posture Parrot™ will make you a hit with the small ones. He’ll fly into their minds and hearts as the lovable, huggable plush talking toy, as Ryan’s friend and hero in Pete the Posture Parrot Dinosaur Dreams children’s book and even as the life-size mascot with the colorful character’s costume available for your special event.

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John Carroll
Toll Free: 1-800-672-4277
Phone: (843) 881-4631
Fax: (843) 881-6746