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Disc-Traction™ Therapeutic Exercise Support Belt has incorporated design features that are simple and innovative. The mechanics are based on the principle of action and reaction. The uniqueness of the Disc-Traction™ belt are the handles attached at each side, which allows the patient to self-traction the lower lumbar discs and at the same time strengthen important upper trunk musculature. A series of simple Isometric Exercises have been designed to assist the patient in following a regular at-home exercise routine as prescribed by the Chiropractor. This extension of treatment benefits the patient’s health, and at the same time enhances the Chiropractor’s practice, profitably and services.

Disc-Traction™ Therapeutic Exercise Support Belt is the only back-belt that encourages exercise, lumbar stretching, traction and support.

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As an added value to CBG Members, Disc-Traction will provide free shipping on the first order of 4 belts or more. After first order, shipping is free on order of 12 belts or more.

The new Disc-Traction™ exercise DVD is now available with each belt. All CBG Members may receive a free DVD by calling the number below.

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David Jensen
Benjamin Jensen
Phone: 877-761-9245
Fax: 949-499-9806
E-mail: info@disc-traction.com
Website: www.disc-traction.com

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