Happy Feet

About Our CBG Vendor

Happy Feet Massaging Insoles can dramatically reduce shock on the lower skeletal system. Your foot actually “floats” on the Fluid Glycerin so the shock is absorbed by the Happy Feet insole, and not the ankles, knees, and lower back. Happy Feet Massaging Insoles provide cushioning to the entire bottom of your feet. As we age, there is an erosion of the fat pads on the bottom of our feet. Some people begin to lose this padding at an earlier age than others, and some never lose it. When this erosion begins to occur, certain bones in the bottom of the feet become closer to the skin often causing foot pain or discomfort.

*Get it FREE through CBG! Just for contacting and inquiring about Happy Feet Massaging Insoles, we will send 1 FREE pair for the Doctor and Office Manager.

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Special CBG Offer

CBG Members receive a 20% discount off of wholesale pricing ($15.00/pair.)

Doctors have a 90 day trial period in which they can return the unwanted merchandise for refund. Initial purchase requires set up of 30 pairs.

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Jerry Poyner
Ph: 800.462.8677
Fax: 407.834.5003
Email: CBGHappyfeet@yahoo.com
Website: www.happyfeet.net