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HopeScience brings you EFAC (Esterified Fatty Acid Complex), a NEW, SAFE, POWERFUL ANTI-NFLAMMATORY

EFAC defeats inflammation!

EFAC is the ONLY product clinically proven to work both from the INSIDE OUT (capsules for full body benefit) and from the OUTSIDE IN (cream for targeted pain relief)

  1. It absorbs through the skin to reach target tissue & Joints
  2. It is evidenced based, published in prestigious medical journals
  3. EFAC is NOT another topical counter-irritant
  4. Patented breakthrough
  5. Award Winning Research

What your peers are saying about EFAC:

“EFAC is the most amazing product I have used in my twelve years of practice! The first time I tried it personally it completely relieved my tennis elbow within ten minutes. More importantly, it worked just as well for my patients with acute and chronic pain and inflammation. I switched my entire practice to EFAC and the increased profits are great in these tough economic times!”

—Dr. Patrick J. Kelly D.C, Past President, Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association and 2008 Chiropractor of the Year

We are ready to serve you and help you upgrade to EFAC!

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