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About Our CBG Vendor

The revolutionary Q-Link pendant is a personal protection device against the harmful affects of EMF pollution and life’s everyday stressors. Q-Link’s SRT 3 technology strengthens your own body’s energy systems (Biofield) and works like a tuning fork to help your body function at its peak level of performance for optimal living. If you use a cell phone, hairdryer or microwave or sit in front of a computer you are being bombarded by invisible electromagnetic fields, the Q-Link increases your natural immunity to those EMF fields. Developed at Stanford and the University of California, thousands of doctors and chiropractors recommend Q-Link for their patients and practice.

    • Benefits Include:
    • More Energy and Mental Clarity
    • Holding adjustments better
    • Better Sleep
    • Enhanced Stamina and Endurance
    • Eliminates Jetlag

Q-Link is an Intention Health product; go to our website for more EMF reducing devices as well as the latest advancements in health and wellness products.

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Special CBG Offer

CBG Members will receive a 40% discount on all orders.

As an added bonus, with initial orders, CBG Members will receive a FREE sample from our new “Shuzi” line ($79 retail value) of subtle energy products when they purchase 6 or more Q-Link pendants.

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John Allan or Jeff Steinau
Ph: 800.968.9720
Fax: 714-547-0007
Email: john@ihealthproducts.com
Website: www.ihealthproducts.com

CBG Members must call the 800# above and identify themselves as members to receive discounts on any of our products.