Lumina Health Products

About Our CBG Vendor

Lumina Health Products is the exclusive North American provider of CELLFOOD – the world’s number one selling oxygen and nutrient supplement, used by chiropractic health professionals in over 70 countries around the world.

Cellfood is the ONLY supplement that simultaneously nourishes, cleans and detoxifies the body. It’s considered by top chiropractors to be one of the best natural inventions ever developed – for the widest range of health challenges. Cellfood is the perfect compliment to the science of chiropractic care, and is backed by scientific research.

The CELLFOOD line of products has now expanded with five additional exceptional therapeutic firmulations. All products carry an unconditional patient satisfaction guarantee – with no time limit!

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Special CBG Offer

CBG Members will receive one product free with every case of 12 ordered. This is the only such discount offered throughout our North American distributorship. And, CBG Members are eligible for even further discounts at appropriate volumes.

As an added bonus, CBG Members will receive free shipping on all orders of 2 cases or more.

And Lumina supports your practice even further, with office counter displays, high quality brochures and ongoing technical support available to CBG Members, all free of charge.

Contact Our Partner

Colin Felton, Sales Director
Phone: 800.749.9196
Fax: 941.378.2929