Master Supplements, Inc.

About Our CBG Vendor

Master Supplements, Inc. manufactures the most potent and efficacious products for digestive health. Founded in 2002 by Biochemist Randy Porubcan, our “new generation” probiotic, Theralac®, was soon introduced to doctors and professionals. Enzalase®, our ultra-potent digestive enzyme, emerged in 2005. TruFiber®, the only fiber product specifically designed to stimulate probiotics, was introduced in spring 2008. TruFlora™ a true Bio-cleansing probiotic was introduced in March 2009.

Our focus is clearly on developing, manufacturing and introducing to the world the most powerful digestive health products.

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Jeff Thurston
VP Master Supplements, Inc
PO Box 633
Dalton, PA 18414

Phone: 800 926-2961 x 5
E-fax: 570 300-2333