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MigraSpray is a patented, clinically tested, over-the-counter, homeopathic medicine, that is highly effective for the treatment and prevention of migraine headaches (MigraSpray can also be effective for treating the pain and symptoms associated with menstrual cycles as well as tension headaches and hangovers.)

88% of patients studied using MigraSpray to treat a migraine attack found relief in an average time of under 7 minutes. Approximately 90% of patients studied using MigraSpray for prevention had their headaches eliminated within 60 days of preventative dosing. There have been no reported side effects or drug interactions, and using MigraSpray will not cause medication overuse headache.

It is estimated that up to 10% of the population – 10% of your patients – suffer from migraine pain. Research shows that over half of them do not receive adequate treatment for their migraine headaches and indicates a high willingness to try new approaches, which are not generally offered to them by their primary care physician. We believe that these dynamics offer a unique opportunity for Chiropractors, and others committed to providing safe and natural medical treatment whenever possible, to develop a niche within their practices by offering a comprehensive treatment for those suffering with migraine. Make your practice a place where migraine sufferers can have the opportunity to get the relief that they need and deserve.

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