Original Medicine

About Our CBG Vendor

Original Medicine provides Doctors of Chiropractic with high quality, whole food, nutraceuticals that focus on enhancing gastrointestinal and immune health.

Utilizing the best of nature along with the latest in scientific research, Original Medicine features a line of cutting edge, professionally formulated probiotics. These high potency products meet the needs of patients with allergic, inflammatory and autoimmune issues along with specific probiotics for those with complications related to antibiotic usage.

Keeping in mind the central importance of gut and immune health, Original Medicine has simplified the doctor’s task of knowing what products to use for supporting their patient’s foundational health needs. Original Medicine also provides their clients with outstanding educational tools and professional support services.

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Customer Service
Alexandra, Cristy and Steve
Phone: 800.465.1802
Fax: 866.465.0034
Email: mail@original-medicine.com
Website: www.original-medicine.com

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