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At Squip, we strive to introduce high quality products that will help for a better and healthier world. Our products are carefully researched for their effectiveness and efficiency before they are released into the market and have been created for their ability to make a substantial difference in people’s lives and for their contribution to good health.

Our flagship product – Nasaline nasal rinsing system – has provided countless people with much needed relief from symptoms associated with colds, the flu, allergies, and sinus related infections. Nasaline is an easy and safe alternative to Neti Pots or Sinus Rinse Bottles! Other products include: Andas – inhalation therapy used for bronchial conditions or during cold and flu season; Salitair/Himalayan – salt air inhalation therapy for respiratory health; Baby NäsaKleen – a unique aspirator for the little ones; Kyrosol – ear wax removal kit – is considered the safest system on the market today (without actually having a doctor perform the procedure).

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