Stim Trainer

About Our CBG Vendor

Stimtrainer™ is launching a new to the market device which has been shown to dramatically help chiropractic patients over the past 3 years of clinical use in the following ways:

  • · relaxes patients
  • · warms muscles and connective tissues rapidly
  • · enables the adjustments to be more effective and easier on the patient
  • · dramatically increases flexibility
  • · decreases rehab time (by as much as 50%)
  • · melts trigger points in muscles
  • · decreases sub-acute and chronic pain
  • · improves patient outcomes with distraction and traction therapy
  • · you can bill for it, generally 97110 & 97112 codes
  • · you can also retail them to patients and make money
  • · it is portable and affordable (comfortably worn on the neck, is battery operated and sell for less than $500)
  • · it uses no electricity. The StimTrainer™ uses pre-set blend of mechanical vibrations which help tune up the body, “Bio Tune Up™”
  • · The StimTrainer company provides online and phone support to help you use it with difficult patients. That is included at no extra fee to you.
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