Tanzanations, Inc.

About Our CBG Vendor

TanZations, Inc. was established in 2006, with a single product “WonderWedge”.The MOST VERSATILE ELEVATION APPARATUS on the market, TODAY! The WonderWedge will be an emerging niche in the home care and healthcare industry. Designed to be like NO ordinary bed pillow, therapeutic pillow or any other cushioned support on the market. Designed with an INNER SHELL constructed from ARCEL, lightweight foam which enhances the product strength and durability. WonderWedge is firm, supportive and most-of-all comfortable. The INNER SHELL enhances these features. The WonderWedge was designed to be lightweight, easily handled and portable. The WonderWedge comes with an attachable pad for additional comfort.

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Donald Kidwell
Ph: 240.460.1921
Fax: 301.274.2575
Email: dkid@tanzations.com