Teeter Hang Ups

About Our CBG Vendor

A leading manufacturer of inversion equipment to the world, STL International, Inc. distributes four product brands, Teeter Hang Ups, Teeter, Lynx and StretchToner, all focused on promoting lifelong back health and functional fitness.

As the longest continuous supplier of inversion tables (since 1981), Teeter Hang Ups has spent years perfecting home-use inversion equipment to be the most highly engineered and secure in the market today. In a third party, side-by-side comparison of the 7 leading inversion equipment brands, Teeter Hang Ups surpassed the competition in durability, quality, ease of assembly and function. Teeter brand commercial-grade products takes inversion to the next level, crafting equipment that is highly durable and functional, ideal for use in a fitness club or clinical environment. STL’s non-inversion products provide users with similar benefits to achieve functional fitness: The Lynx Portable Back Stretcher and StretchToner are compact, portable solutions for improving back and joint health.

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Kevin Macpherson, M.Ed., ATC
Medical Business Development

Phone: 253.840.5252 Ext.256
Fax: 253.840.5757
Email: kevin@teeter-clinical.com
Website: www.teeter-clinical.com