CBG Plus Products

CBG Plus is our brand name for products we feel are the best in the profession. As we search the world for ideas and implementation strategies that will benefit our members and their offices, it is our commitment to bring these treasures to our members at affordable pricing, and huge value added potentials. Keep watching for CBG Plus products and services!

We know that if CBG Plus products don’t hold up to our own high standards, they won’t hold up to our members’ either. That’s why we carefully select our manufacturing partners and every product in CBG Plus has been inspected, reviewed, scrutinized and tested in our tech department and chiropractic offices. You know if it is CBG Plus, it is the best.

Since we put every product through rigorous testing, the result is quality our members can trust. Many Chiropractors have come to depend on CBG Plus as their first choice or quality products. If there is a product you would like us to review, please call our Contract and Program Services department.

Comparative analyses show that CBG Plus products can save our members up to 90% from that of our regular Vendors and Suppliers. And CBG Plus products are priced an average of 10 – 50% lower than the regular CBG prices for supplier branded equivalents.

How?? It’s simple. Our manufacturing partners eliminate the cost of advertising, sales and marketing efforts when they package their products under the private label.

When our members are using CBG Plus products, they are not only rewarded with the lowest prices, but also the highest assurance of quality and efficiency. Let CBG Plus lead you to the mountaintop of products that makes a difference in your office and bottom line!