Cassettes & Screens

CBG Plus Cassettes and Screens are manufactured by a leader in X-Ray products throughout the world. All CBG Plus Cassettes and Screens are reliable, durable and lightweight. Whether you are using Green, Half or High Speed Blue Screens, CBG can provide you with the right screen in the perfect cassette. CBG cassettes combine features like reliability, durability, comfort and minimum weight in one cassette. The cassettes are long-lasting, shockproof, and provide excellent diagnostic results. Rest assured CBG will provide it’s members with the lowest price available for all of its screens and cassettes.

To order your CBG Cassettes and Screens, either order at our CBG Online Store, or complete this order form and fax to (248) 307-0706, or call us at (800) 649-0899 and speak to one of our CBG Representatives who will be glad to take your order by phone!


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