LiftPack Backpacks

CBG carries LiftPack backpacks which are uniquely designed to make you feel like you’re carrying half the weight and alleviate back stress. A proprietary built in air bladder inside the backpack allows most of the weight to rest at the top of the buttocks. This helps to relive pressure on all the major stress points of the body including shoulders, upper and middle back and also provides shock absorption during use. Offer your patients a revolutionary new backpack that ensures proper spinal growth and proper posture while preventing back injuries and stress.

CBG’s Liftpack backpacks are designed to provide for better posture, maximum comfort, proper spinal alignment and to protect against injury. The backpacks have adjustable straps, are waterproof, machine washable and come in 3 colors: blue, pink and grey. Design features include cushioned shoulder straps, extra large storage compartments for large items, mesh side pockets and an easy access headphones portal.

To order CBG’s LiftPack Backpacks, complete this order form and fax to (248) 307-0706, or call us at (800) 649-0899 and speak to one of our CBG Representatives who will be glad to take your order by phone!


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