The CBG ThermoFocus is the latest in technology of laser thermography. This FDA approved instrument is used for Temperature Differentials in children and adults. It is a great objective test that never touches the skin, and is reproducible time and again.

Use the ThermoFocus to check babies and infants up to seniors. The ThermoFocus is a great instrument to check any area of the spine. With nothing invasive going into the body, the ThermoFocus can be used over and over again with no negative effects for the patient.

The CBG ThermoFocus is light weight, and fits easily and comfortable in your hand. A little larger than a big writing pen, many doctors either carry the ThermoFocus in their pant pocket, or keep one by each table they regularly see patients on.

Using 4 AAA batteries, the ThermoFocus is easy to use, and will last a long time. At a very affordable price point, the ThermoFocus should be in every Chiropractic office from coast to coast.

To order your CBG ThermoFocus, either order at our CBG Online Store, or complete this order form and fax to (248) 307-0706, or call us at (800) 649-0899 and speak to one of our CBG Representatives who will be glad to take your order by phone!


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